Frequently Asked Antique Farm Table Questions

Where do you find your tables?  
All of our tables on Find Antique Farm Tables are sourced from Europe, primarily in England, France, and Wales.
May I call you for more information on an item I am interested in?   Absolutely!  Please call us at 914-933-0022 or email us at [email protected].  We are available Tuesday – Friday from 10am – 4pm EST and will be happy to answer your questions. 
How can I be sure of the quality of your pieces?  
We assure you that every farm table is as represented and pictured, as we strive for total accuracy in our photographs in terms of color and any level of distress.  We also disclose the condition of each item in the written description.  We guarantee that all of our pieces are manufactured in the period stated. 

How long does it take to receive my farm table?
For most door-to-door furniture shipments, delivery will take three to four weeks from receipt of payment.  You will be notified by the shipper with a delivery date and time frame.

How do I care for my table?  All our tables are waxed, usually with several coats, to give a lovely glow, and to protect the wood. The waxed finish is over a sealant, which protects and sets the color of the solid wood tops.  Care should be taken with the table top, always use trivets and placements, as heat or wet surfaces can damage the waxed finish over time.

Will you hold an item and ship it later, at my convenience?  
Yes, we can hold tables and other items for one month after purchase, and will discuss any other specific needs you may have.

How do I pay for my antique farm table?  
We accept checks or wire transfers to our business checking account.  We do not accept credit cards for payment.

How do I track my purchase?  
We will invoice you via email and will contact you when we receive your check.  When your check has cleared, we will notify the shipper that your piece is ready for pick-up.  If your shipper is one of our national preferred vendors, collection is usually with a week and we will provide you with an order number which you may use to track the location of your piece.  You may also collect your piece at our store location during our regular business hours. 

What is your privacy policy?  
We will never share your information with other parties except for shipping purposes. 

May I return my purchase?  
We do not accept returns or exchanges.  All sales are final.