Antique Farm Table Information and Articles

French 18th Century Farm Tables
French Farm TablesDuring the Louis XV period in the 1700s, the Rococo furniture for Royals and the very wealthy was elaborate and formal, yet graceful, feminine and comfortable, made in beautiful fine woods. Veneers and inlays made items even more glamorous.
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Antique Cricket Tables
Why is a cricket table called a cricket table?  This question is very, very common and the answers given from our Welsh and English sources are very unique.  And almost always different!  Some say it is because the three legs are shaped like three-sided cricket bats.
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Long Country Dining Tables
Long Country Dining Tables For Sale - Antique Farm TableLarge farm tables are our most desirable antique tables and we keep a large stock of them available.  We sell quite a number of fine country farm tables in cherry and other fruitwoods, oak, walnut and pine.  The tables are all selected on buying trips to France and England and are imported in large containers with all of our antiques, to our store in Westchester County, NY.
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Antique Coffee Tables
Long Country Dining Tables For Sale - Antique Farm TableIt would be rare to find a home without a coffee table in the living room or sitting room.  Where would one put down a glass?  Where would one rest feet when getting comfortable on the sofa?  Where would the magazines and books go?  Coffee tables are invaluable!  But be careful not to cover the top with too many items, remember to let the beauty of the wood tone and wood grain show also.  Sometimes a coffee table will have a lower shelf for storage, which is always helpful. 
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Antique Tilt Top Vendange Tables
This most interesting group of tables are all similar, as they were all made for one purpose only.  They were used in the 19th-early 20th C, in the French vineyards in the large tasting rooms, where the barrels for aging the wine were stored.  When it was time to taste the progress of the aging wine, these tables, which were stored with the tops tilted up, against the walls, were brought out into the middle of the room, and the wine barrels were opened and wine was poured into glasses, for all the workers to taste and evaluate.
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Antique End Tables
End tables serve a multitude of purposes in everyone’s home.  While they are similar in purpose, and often in size, the looks of these side tables vary greatly.  They might have a round shape, or a rectangular one, or be a pretty tray on a custom-made stand.  These practical tables are most often found next to the arm of a sofa, often with a lamp on top, or between a pair of armchairs by the fireplace. 
These charming tables, usually found in a home with an antique farm table, are imported antiques from France and England, and often from Wales, if they are particularly early examples.  All are for sale, ready to buy now.
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Different Types of Antique Farm Tables
The group of dining tables showcased here are all quite different.  This is most interesting because usually furniture Large Antique English Mahogany Dining Table, Moorish Style 1categories have a sameness to the pieces included.  Differences will be in size, wood, color, etc.  Differences here however are more dramatic, as the photographs below illustrate.  Farmhouse tables from different countries will be much more unique, one to the other.  Spanish with a Moorish influence will be very different from a rustic Spanish table.  Have a look, and pick your favorite.
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